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Barnstead Webelos Campout with Boy Scouts

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Go Webelos!

The Webelos spend most of the day Saturday, and into Sunday sliding down the hill at the camp in Barnstead, with the Boyscouts.  While we had some snow, and the care taker was SO nice he used his dump truck to help move snow from other locations and dumped it on the road to help with the sliding.  After this conditions improved greatly!

The Cubscouts were able to witness the first annual contest between the Senior Patrol, and Leaders.  The Senior Patrol threw down the gaunlet and requested a sled contest with the leaders.  Both sides made their sleds, and early saturday morning, the hill was cleared and the challenge taken.  While the Senior Patrols sled (long, narrow sled using 4 down hill skis as runners), was designed well and actually better for the conditions... they were unable to beat the Leaders 300 pound behemoth. 

Thanks to Troop 407 for the invite, the great food and fun!